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PowerPoint Shapes – Joining And Splitting

by UPresentation | 2017-01-19

In this blog post we are going to discover the easiest way to organize PowerPoint shapes. You will learn how to join and split your shapes. So, PowerPoint users who intend to split their already existing shape will have to use a line in order to create the illusion of a needed split shape. Alternatively you can use such a tool as Crop.

However, if you want to join or split shapes in a really neat way, you should group your shapes together.

You should understand the meaning of such operations as merging and grouping shapes. They looks very similar, but their functionality differs a little bit. So, now let’s see how we can organize our PowerPoint shapes in a professional way. PowerPoint has a great tool called “Selection Pane”. This tool is available in most PowerPoint versions both for PC and Mac users. Such accessibility of the following tool allows us to organize our shapes inside PowerPoint presentations in an easy and professional way.

You should also note that it is possible to rename PowerPoint shapes. We recommend you to do this when you have to deal with lots of different kinds of shapes or even custom diagrams. Once a proper name has been assigned to your current group or shape, it will become much easier to manipulate your PowerPoint slides, customize your graphics, modify the order of ppt shapes or even modify the properties of your shape in the future. Using the tool “Selection Pane” you are able to choose different kinds of shapes in a direct way from your pane. In case, you want to select several shapes at a time, it is also possible by holding the key “Ctrl”.

PowerPoint Shapes – Joining And Splitting
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