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Align options in PowerPoint 2013

by UPresentation | 2014-05-06

Both graphical designers and ordinary PowerPoint 2013 users know perfectly well that Alignment can help in organizing and unifying all design elements. If you want to construct objects in PowerPoint from basic shapes Alignment is what you need. In the following article we are going to Align PowerPoint options.

Let’s say you have several objects on your slides of your PowerPoint presentation. Such objects look very messy. It is recommended to line up them. On the web there are lots of smart and practical PowerPoint guides. We want to sum up all the information and help you in lining objects up.

As an example together we will line u four shapes. Next time when you align objects in your own PowerPoint presentation, you should hold this principle.

1. Find the tab “Insert”.

2. Click “Shapes”.

3. In this section you must find the rectangle shape and click on it.

Align options in PowerPoint 2013

4. When you activate the rectangle shape tool, you have to drag a rectangle out on your PowerPoint slide. You can put the text content on it. As you can see it is very easy. All you need to do is just typing words which will automatically appear on the box. Now choose one box and click on the edge of it. Press a well known combination on the keyboard CTRL+C, CTRL+V. Such actions will duplicate the box along with the text in it. However the 2nd box will have a small offset. Clicking CTRL+V and pasting next box there will be the same offset.

Align options in PowerPoint 2013

5. Now it is time to try aligning the following objects (in our example boxes). You can add some space between boxes simply moving them a little bit down. See below how it looks like:

Align options in PowerPoint 2013

6. Select 3 shapes holding down the key CTRL on the keyboard and at the same time click on them. When you did this action, you will see that your cursor has changes to a sign “+”. Such sign means adding.

7. When you have selected 3 boxes, you can start aligning them. As all 3 shapes have been selected before, you will notice the drawing tool on the contextual tab. Such tools as well as the format tab will appear in the ribbon.

8. We need this tab for aligning object in our PowerPoint presentation. Click “Align” and them “Align Left”.

Align options in PowerPoint 2013

As you can see lining up your shapes is very easy. Now check how neatly they look like:

Align options in PowerPoint 2013

If you need any other orientation they are available as well (center, left, top, right, middle or bottom). If you decide to select “Distribute Horizontally” PowerPoint program will space your object with equal horizontal space amount. If you decide to select “Distribute Vertically” PowerPoint program will space your object with equal vertical space amount.

As you can see from this tutorial Alignment is a very simple and easy way to sharpen up your PowerPoint slides. Find some time and discover the menu “Align”. There are various commands which can be applied in various situations. Keep in mind that your objects can be aligned by hand. However align tools will save lots of time.

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